Emily Martin
June 27, 2016 | Emily Martin

Boozy Peach Sangria Popsicles made with Cultivar Wine Courtesy of A Side of Sweet

It's officially Summer and with Summer comes amazing fresh fruit, hot days, BBQ fun and the perfect time for some home made popsicles! Lucky for us, one of our Cultivar Blogger Wine Club Members, Kelly of A Side Of Sweet made a delicious Peach Sangria Popsicle recipe using our Sauvignon Blanc. Our Napa Sauvignon Blanc was so popular that we've sold out, but don't worry, our Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc is just as tasty and still available to purchase on the website here

To see the entire blog post and learn more about the recipe, ingredients and how Kelly made these gorgeous summer popsicles visit her blog at A Side of Sweet.  A huge thank you Kelly for sharing this yummy recipe with us and including Cultivar Wine in your fun!! 

Pretty easy recipe prep. Grab your Cultivar Sauvignon Blanc here if you're trying this at home

How happy does she look? What a delicious pairing, popsicles and a glass of wine

Watch Kelly of A Side of Sweet as she shows how to make these incredible Peach Popsicles on her You Tube Channel

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Emily Martin
June 17, 2016 | Emily Martin

Pairing A Charcuterie Platter With Cultivar Wine Courtesy of KatWalkSF

We are thrilled to share a post from one of our newest Cultivar Wine Bloggers, Kat of KatWalkSF. Kat is a Lifestyle Blogger with a ton of gorgeous Fashion on her site and recently she added food (lucky for her readers). Below she shares a great Charcuterie picnic she enjoyed pairing with some Cultivar Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc.  We are sharing a snippet of her post below. To see the entire post visit KatWalkSF.

"Well, this week is different! I teamed up with Columbus Craft Meats and their (killer) Charcuterie Sampler to host a rooftop happy hour (on my friend’s gorgeous rooftop deck) in San Francisco. The Columbus team made this oh-so-easy for me by making user-friendly packaging for the anti-chef. The charcuterie plated beautifully and paired easily with the local selections of cheeses, pickled vegetables, olives and wine I snagged at my neighborhood market."

Cultivar's 2014 Sauvignon Blanc paired perfectly with the charcuterie board and instantly impressed my guests.

"Now, the team over at Columbus made the charcuterie sampler for people like me. And by people like me, I mean people who love to eat and socialize but just don’t know how to do it!

The Castelvetrano olives in the white bowl were a major hit. Sometimes referred to as the “rich man’s black olive,” they are easily recognized by their distinctive bright green hue and meaty, buttery flesh. They paired perfectly with the charcuterie and instantly impressed my guests.

Next, I added some fresh basil to the board for a pop of color. I didn’t intend for any of my friends to EAT the basil…but I happened to turn around and catch one of my buddies shoveling it into his mouth…so much for a green garnish!

And of course, there was cheese! For this, I really had to trust my local cheesemonger. He steered me towards a couple different Spanish manchego cheeses and an aged parmesan. The parmesan had peppery notes to it, adding a bit of spice to the board."

Photos by Garry Alexander photography


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Emily Martin
June 7, 2016 | Emily Martin

Saturday Sippin & Picnicking in Alta Vista Park courtesy of The Ohio Transplant

You know summer is near when you begin to hear talk about picnicking. Well, for those of us in California we picnic year round but for most of the country it's truly a fun seasonal activity. We were thrilled when one of our Bloggers Aimee of The Ohio Transplant included Cultivar Wine in her most recent picnic fun in San Franicsco's Alta Plaza Park.

Hopefully with her delicious spread of food, adorable picnic basket and Cultivar Wine you'll be inspired to pack your own picnic basket and experience something similar for yourself. See Amy's full post on her blog, The Ohio Transplant.

Photos by Lisha Wang Photography


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