John Taylor
October 30, 2020 | John Taylor

'Tis The Season for Shopping Early!

The Holidays are right around the corner! If you're like us, you love this time of year, but it always manages to sneak up on you somehow. That's why we've prepared a wide selection of gifts to make Holiday shopping for the wine lovers on your list quick and convenient. 

Choose from our Caspar Estate olive oil and honey box, our Cultivar Wine two-packs, our elegant Caspar Estate Cabernet gifts or even Gift Certificates to Cultivar San Francisco. There's something for everyone!

We've matched up our best-selling wines into two-bottle sets to pair with the tastes of your favorite wine lovers. The Cultivar Wine Sampler features our 2019 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc with our 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, providing a sample of Napa's wide-ranging style and terroir. The Pinot Pair, which will delight any lover of Pinot Noir, includes our 2018 Sonoma Coast and 2018 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noirs. And if your list includes someone who truly appreciates fine Napa Valley Cabernet, we offer Napa Valley's Finest, a collection of our limited edition 2016 Leaky Lake Cabernet Sauvignon alongside our acclaimed 2018 St. Helena Cabernet.  Each two-pack is delivered in our beautiful Cultivar Gift Box.

Need gifts for teachers, co-workers or the other essential people in your life? Caspar Estate Honey or Caspar Estate Olive Oil is perfect for everyone. We feature sets with wine and without wine. Another great idea is to purchase a case of honey jars so that you always have a simple elegant gift ready to hand out.

Here's a great idea for our local San Francisco friends with teenage kids (or nieces & nephews): give them a Gift Certificate to Cultivar SF, our restaurant in the Marina District. Let them go with a friend and have the grilled cheese and tomato soup or the sliders and fries. You'll be supporting local businesses, too! 

 Our Caspar Estate Wine Collection is sure to impress clients, employees and the loved ones on your list who enjoy the finest that Napa Valley has to offer. This year, we've done something very special: we've opened up our Caspar cellar for a limited time to the public. This season only, you don't have to be a Club Member to give and enjoy our highly-acclaimed Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Planning a special Holiday meal? Why not make it fun by featuring a large format bottle. We have a wide selection of vintages and varietals, from Magnums of Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc to Methuselahs of 2012 Howell Mountain Cabernet - that's half a case of wine in one bottle. Now that's the way to make an impression!


We are a small company and we are thrilled when we see the orders come in. On any given day Deborah, Dianne, Richard, or Jody might be in the warehouse packing up your gifts. So please let us know if we can help you with all of your shopping or gift giving. We can ship to multiple locations simultaneously and work within your budget. Drop us an email and let us know how we can help. We make Holiday shopping fun and easy. We can help you stay organized with our Shopping List - Download it here.

Happy Shopping!

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John Taylor
October 27, 2020 | John Taylor

Cultivar Wine Focuses On Terroir For Our New Fall Releases

Fall has to be one of our most favorite seasons here at Cultivar Wine. Not only does the Fall mean that harvest is coming, but that the Holidays are just around the corner...and with them, new wines created specifically to pair with food.

This Fall is no exception, as we have recently released two wines that are not only begging to be paired with your favorite dishes, but come from regions known to be home to some of the best wines on Earth. We specifically picked these areas to source wines for our Fall wine releases, knowing that we'd be able to create something really special.

The 2018 Cultivar Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Helena, Napa Valley, is something special indeed. One glance at the deep red wine in your glass and you know you’re sipping the very best Napa has to offer. Bold tones of tobacco, mocha, black currant jam, and cardamom hit the nose, while the palate explodes with layers of new oak, peat, salted caramel, cedar, nutmeg and juicy purple fruits. Complexity rules the finish here, with simultaneous waves of cappuccino, Lemon rind and leather carried on waves of youthful tannins. This wine begs you to order a lamb burger with blue cheese or rib eye Philadelphia Style if you’ve got the nerve. We paired it here with mission figs, we grow fig trees at Caspar Estate and they have always been a favorite for us, add goat cheese, and enjoy! Photo credit Eric Zepeda Studio.

St. Helena is a smaller - and quite varried - sub-appellation in Napa Valley. Its vineyards stretch from the valley floor up to the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountain Range, providing for growing conditions that can encompass warm and cool regions simultaneously. The soil is a mixture of extremes: ancient riverbed and volcanic rock, a uniqueness that's apparent in every wine that comes from this northern Napa Valley gem. We hand-crafted less than 75 cases of our St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon, and after our Wine Club received their allocation, only a few dozen cases remain. 

Our second release for Fall 2020 is one of our most exciting: the 2019 Cultivar Wine Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands. Our first-ever pinot from the cool, Burgundy-like slopes of the Santa Lucia Highlands is a beauty and a wonder. With notes of plums, black licorice, fennel and hints of earthiness, one quickly discovers this will be a rich, lush, creamy pinot noir. Dark fruit layers give way to tomato pureé and vegetal tones with a playful herbaceous quality. On the finish, the pure balance gives clues to a subtle oak treatment, revealing caramel, root beer and the promise of even more complexity with age. Grab a bottle along with some herbed goat cheese, fig crostini and blueberries. A very versatile wine, pair it with meats with tomatoes and potatoes cooked in a Finex cast iron skillet. We even love a delicate pinot like this to accompany Thanksgiving turkey.


The Santa Lucia Highlands wine growing region in western Monterey County achieved formal American Viticulture Appellation recognition in 1991. Since then, it has emerged as one of the premiere cool-climate growing regions for pinto noir on the west coast. The small but mighty appellation is home to multi-generation farmers and revered winemakers who craft award-wining and highly-acclaimed wines.

Want to try our new releases? Click here and see for yourself why terroir makes all the difference in Cultivar Wine.

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John Taylor
October 20, 2020 | John Taylor

The Caspar Estate 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest

There's something magical about Caspar Estate. Maybe it's the location: nestled high above Rutherford in the Mayacamous Mountain Range, the vineyards over look the Napa Valley, on autumn days when the mountain peaks pierce the early morning cloud layer. On clear, fall mornings, like the one pictured here, you can see the hot air balloons as they rise over Yountville to get a peak of this special place - a place unlike any other in the world.

Or maybe the magic comes from the fruit? Our estate comprises ten acres of vineyard land tucked into rocky, volcanic crags, where sunlight graces the hillsides while cold, moist fog and gentle rains sweep by. The result is a natural terroir perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc and more. 

On September 23rd, 2020, we harvested our Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in the early morning hours. All our fruit is hand-picked by our experienced vineyard crew, supervised by our winemaker, Julien Fayard. We picked a total of several tons of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was then rushed over to our winemaking facility on the south end of Napa Valley, where Julien oversaw the sorting of the fruit as it went to the crush pad.

"Understanding when to pick the fruit is part science, part instinct and part art," says Fayard. "We want the Cabernet to reach a certain brix before we pick, because that sugar content is critical. But there are other factors at play as well, like weather conditions, moisture levels and more." 

Late summer in Napa saw a strange mix of both heat waves and unexpected rain, followed by a series of wildfires. "Mother Nature will always throw a few curve balls at you," Fayard says. "That's where you have to rely on your instincts on when it's best to pick fruit."

A mid-September heat spike lead to an earlier-than-usual harvest, with slightly lower yields than the previous year, but no sign of smoke taint. The net result may be a lower alcohol content than previous Caspar Estate vintages, but that's to be seen. 

"Every harvest is different in Napa," says Fayard. "So, even though I may have winemaking techniques I have honed through experience that I will use on every wine we produce, I have to approach each vintage with a different mindset - one that is focused on maximizing the quality of the fruit from each harvest."

So, what is it that makes Caspar Estate so magical? Is it our location above Rutherford, the unique terroir, the beauty of our fruit? We like to think it's the people that make it magic. From our family, to the workers in the vineyards who tend to the grapes daily, to the winemaker who creates delicious, balanced and refined wines vintage after vintage. The magic is in the people who create and nurture the art, science and beauty of wine.

And especially in the people who drink it! Want to be one of them? Sign up for the Allocation Waitlist.

Photo credit @bobmc

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