Harvest Is Complete At Caspar Estate!

In the warm evening hours of Tuesday, September 13th, our crew gathered at Caspar Estate for the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest.

It was one of the earliest harvests we’ve experienced. This was because Mother Nature gave us some unexpected weather fluctuations in the first part of the month. But when we measured the brix, conditions were perfect, and our Cabernet Sauvignon harvest went off without a hitch.

We expect the 2022 Caspar Estate Cabernet Sauvignon to be another fabulous vintage.

Julien Fayard inspecting the Caspar Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Harvesting The Hillside Block of Cabernet Franc

Just days after the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest, we picked our Caspar Estate Cabernet Franc. This time, we harvested in the early morning hours, while fog still hovered above the vines.

This photo of the Hillside Block gives you a sense of how small this half-acre plot is. Planted in 2007, it features close rows placed just below the rocky wall.

The serpentine rocks, composed of iron and magnesium, show their colors. Our Cabernet Franc is completely terrior-driven and very site-specific. This is one of our winemaker’s favorite blocks.

Caspar Estate Cabernet Franc harvest

Julien Fayard: Caspar Estate’s Talented Winemaker

With another harvest in the books, the next step in the process lies in the expert hands of our acclaimed winemaker, Julien Fayard.

Named Wine Spectrum’s Winemaker of The Year, and known for his deft work with organically-farmed vineyards, Julien has earned a reputation as one of the premiere winemakers in Napa Valley. Under the tutelage of renowned winemakers from both France and Napa, Julien learned to keep terroir front and center in his winemaking style.

This style complements our philosophy at Caspar Estate, where we believe organic farming practices combined with a commitment to sustainability are key to creating a wine that truly reflects a sense of time and place.

Taste The Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest With A Caspar Estate Allocation

Caspar Estate wines are available exclusively through allocation. You can learn how to request an allocation on our website, or come to our farm-to-table restaurant, Cultivar SF, to taste a bottle with lunch or dinner.