Harvesting the 2023 Caspar Estate Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

As the super full moon set behind the Mayacamus Mountains, of the Napa Valley the sun was rising and the crew assembled to pick our organically grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes. We started on the western edge of the House Block of the vineyard. This vineyard was planted in 2015 with rootstock 1616-C in Sauvignon Blanc clone 2.
Sun Rising over the Napa Valley

The morning sky had a slight haze, making everything look rosy. Before harvest our vineyard team trimmed back the leaves to expose the grapes.

Our Eastern exposure in the early morning sunlight shows our rocky loam serpentine soil. With just one acre of Sauvignon Blanc we have a very small production, giving our vineyard team time to give each vine the attention it needs. Our small production wines are carefully crafted, starting in the vineyard.

Caspar Estate, Sauvignon Blanc harvest 2023

The clusters of the Sauvignon Blanc grapes were beautiful – see for yourself. We wish you could taste them, but it is just a matter of time.

Thursday, August 31st they were picked and taken to the winery to be made into our 2023 Caspar Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

Bin of Sauvignon Blanc grapes at Caspar Estate

Caspar Estate is the pinnacle of our wine making program. Sourced strictly from our Caspar Estate Vineyard, this ultra-premium label features our best expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

Organically and sustainably farmed, in the hills overlooking the Napa Valley with Julien Fayard, of Fayard Winemaking as our winemaker.
These wines are available by allocation only to a limited audience.